3 promising start-up ideas that occurred to me while eating lasagna

1. LasagnaBuddy – An iPhone app that finds other people in your city who are also eating lasagna. Chat function enables you to share comments with other users (e.g. “loving this tuna lasagna!”; “who wants lasagna?”; “are there any foods that wouldn’t be improved by stacking them in interlocking horizontal strata?”). Users can take photos of their lasagna, add artistic flourishes (e.g. filters, borders, bolognaise-reduction), then share with friends over Facebook.

2. MyLasagna – An immersive social media platform, built around three core principles: (a) social inclusivity, (b) open information sharing, and (c) durum wheat-based Mediterranean entrees. Users can form groups (e.g. “We Love Lasagna”), post messages on each other’s “Dough Sheets”, and “Poke” each other with lumps of frozen beef moussaka. Expect user base of ~500 million within 2 years (conservative estimate).

3. Love-Sagna – A dating app designed to bring lasagna-lovers together. A complex matching algorithm developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Alvin Roth will be used to match users according to their personal preferences – e.g. meat vs. vegetable, bechamel vs. ragu, piping hot vs. room temperature, etc. Look to generate revenue through advertising partnerships with pasta makers, sauce-resistant apparel manufacturers, etc.

File:Lasagne - stonesoup.jpg


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